Rolling Thunder Sporthorses has been breeding Trakehner horses for about 15 years ever improving on conformation and athleticism of their breeding stock.

Youngsters are shown in In Hand Dressage and taken to "practice" local shows to compete in halter for experience and to prepare for USDF shows.

Our horses are raised in pasture setting, rotating around with different horses from the herd to gain a balanced personality compatible with most all the other horses. The herds are fed from an ATV

and ponied from pasture to pasture using the ATV. They are hauled around to different places just for fun. They are exposed to children and dogs and animals and vehicles and other people so they become balanced, individuals.

We have an 80 foot round pen at our facility that the horses are worked in with an exercise ball and kids leading them around and over obstacles. They cross RR tracks, walk in tight situations and and pretty well exposed to life by the time they are a few months old. New owners have commented on what great personalities our horses have and we believe this comes from the exposures we give them as they are growing up!

Rolling Thunder is run by Bill and Lori Whitley. Bill patiently supports Lori's horse craziness by building new pens and fencing and fixing irrigation and mowing pastures and building barns and holding horses at countless shows for Lori, driving long miles to the shows, feeding, etc. Lori does all the website design, photos, videos, training and foaling and breeding decisions as well as working on fencing and irrigation and other projects with Bill. We live in beautiful Southern Oregon with a herd of about 10 or so horses, 2 Min Pin dogs and our cat. Lori works for the Oregon State Police in the Forensics Lab and Bill works in construction.


Lori Whitley
411 Hartley Rd.
Phoenix, OR 97535

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